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Search Word Pro ebooks for Classes, Workshops and Seminars

Search Word Pro ebooks (in either email, PDF or ePub file formats) can be created for any educational course or workshop.

If you are a coach, a teacher, or a professor we can create a tailored Search Word Pro handout that parallels your planned topics and course outline.  

This will enable you to lead and guide your students use of the Internet in a whole new, highly beneficial and educational way.

Here is an example:

My wife and I took a six-week long, one night a week course taught by the Intermountain Alpine Club (IMAC) at REI in Kennewick, on hiking and backpacking. 

The course topics included:

  • Getting Started – The Basics
  • Getting in Shape for Hiking and Backpacking
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Clothes
  • Cooking, Food & Water
  • Compasses, GPS, Maps and Apps
  • Packs, Bags, Pads & Gear
  • Trip Planning & Preparation

The results are contained in the ebook Hiking in Washington

The information you give to your students can look like this: 

Best Smart Phone Weather Apps


Topic 1: Backpacking Trip Planning Preparation Hiking


Topic 2: Bug Repellent Reviews


Topic 3: First Aid Kits for Hiking Backpacking


Topic 4: Hiking Ten Essentials


Topic 5: Getting in Shape for Hiking and Backpacking


Topic 6: Best iphone android weather app


Topic 7: Mt. Rainier National Park Hiking Trails


We will tailor Search Word Pro to meet your needs. Contact us for more information!