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Evaluating Fact vs. Fiction on the Internet

How do you differentiate fact from fiction on the Internet? 

Here are several searches that help find insightful ways to looking at this important question:

Criteria for Evaluating the truth or accuracy of Internet Information


Fact vs Fiction on the Internet


Guidelines for evaluating Internet sources


Summary: The task involves identifying and taking into consideration the following:

1. The author's education, knowledge, skill, credentials, etc.,. so one can weight the credibility. 

2. Accuracy of the details. Are the details verifieable? Where doe they come from? How were they acquired? 

3. Date - How Recent or Current is it? When was it created, written, published or copyrighted? Is recent enough to still be valid? 

4. How was it written and published? Was it professionally editied? Was the work peer reviewed?

5. Bias - Potential conflicts of interest?  Is it academic, profesional or commercial? 

6. Knowledge/Context - What is the purpose of the work? How is the work referenced? Is it a part of something else?