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Fighting Eminent Domain Actions

Close friend is in the the cross hairs for an action by one of the local cities who wants to take their property to make traffic revisions. 

This search is designed to help uncover the strategies and tactics that can be used to design and implement a capmaign to mitigate or stop the action. 

Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse In Washington State


Fighting Eminent Domain Success Stories


Be Your Own Attorney & Represent Yourself in NYC District Court

Being Your Own Attorney & Representing Yourself in NYC Civil Court

A client asked me to help her find helpful guidance on how to be her own attorney in a case against a crooked construction contractor.

Here's what you can find:

Being Your Own Attorney in Civil Court in NYC


Being Your Own Attorney in Small Claims Court in NYC


Complaint against General Contractor NYC


Damage suit for shoddy work General Contractor NYC


Filing a Claim Your Own Behalf in Civil Court in NYC


Representing Yourself in NYC Civil Court


Successful in Civil Court action against general contractor


Successful in small claims court action against general contractor


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