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Andy Sernovitz on Word of Mouth Marketing

Ten Critically Important Social Media Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The Public Broadcasting System ( story was developed by Julie Keck, a social media and crowdfunding consultant based in Chicago, and originally aired on KCTS9 an independent TV station operated on the University of Washington campus in Seattle in December 2013. Julie's article captures lessons learned from running dozens of crowdfunding campaigns over the past few years.

Among other things Julie is the the social media and newsletter editor for PBS MediaShift which offers a number of other truly educational programs about social media and technology shifts in society.

How to Create a Facebook Business Fan Page 2014

Google advanced search infographic

Here is a really helpful cheat sheet infographic for using Google advanced search commands.

One of the best tricks listed here is The Minus Dot Com Trick. Place a minus sign in front of the word .com then search. Like this:

  - .com

Results: The dot coms go away leaving you with more non-commercial trustworthy sources of information! 

 This infographic was found Chapter 14 of any of the Search Word Pro book marketing or business marketing titles