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Zika Virus - Latest News, Risks, Treatment, and Outbreaks

Here's a search tool that helps identify and research the Zika virus. 

Zika Virus Latest News


Zika virus outbreaks


Zika virus treatment


zika virus risk of occurence


Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Aliso Canyon Gas Leak 

Here is a specialized search tool that focuses on the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak (PDF file download).

This free pdf file download is designed to help people find out the latest news and information about the crisis and the key topics that people care about.  It can be used online and also downloaded. 

The keywords are selected and preloaded to save time. No typing is needed. Just click on an icon and the search engine you choose delivers the results for you at: 

Google – Bing - SlideShare - YouTube – Pinterest – FaceBook - Twitter – LinkedIn.  

This makes it really easy to get information from reliable the news media and from authoritative sources. Just click on the topic of choice and get the information desired.

The topics covered include: 

  • Aliso Canyon gas leak
  • Portage Ranch gas leak
  • Alison Canyon natural gas storage facility history
  • Alison Canyon Gas Leak discovery timeline
  • Alison Canyon Gas Leak Source Causes
  • Alison Canyon Gaseous Emissions
  • Aliso Canyon Impacts on People
  • Aliso Canyon Regulatory Agency Actions
  • Aliso Canyon Closure of Well
  • Aliso Canyon Evacuation
  • Methane Chemical Properties
  • Methane Effects on Global Warming
  • Methane Effects on Human Health
  • Benzene Chemical Properties
  • Benzene Effects on Human Health
  • Mercapton Effects on Human Health



Flint Water Crisis - Latest News, Water Quality Data, and Medical Health Information and Guidance

The Flint Drinking Water Crisis is a complex set of issues that will be with us for a long time to come.

Here is a search tool that has been created to help people get the latest information on a wide variety of topics 


The link goes to a Flint Water Crisis Search Word Pro PDF file download that covers:

  • Flint Drinking Water Crisis
  • Flint Drinking Water Contamination
  • Flint Drinking Water Timeline
  • Flint Water Crisis Political Response
  • Flint Drinking Water Quality Data Analysis
  • Flint Drinking Water Study Updates
  • Flint Drinking Water Impacts
  • Flint Lead Concentrations in Water
  • Flint Lead Concentrations in Children
  • Treatment of Lead in Drinking Water
  • Lead Toxicology
  • Medical Impacts of Lead Poisoning
  • Lead Poisoning Questions to Ask the Doctor
  • Lead Poisoning Symptoms
  • Lead Poisoning Diagnosis
  • Lead Poisoning Treatment
  • Lead Poisoning Chelation Treatment
  • Lead Poisoning Prognosis
  • Lead Poisoning Latest News
  • Lead Poisoning Latest Research


The Search Tool can be used online or downloaded. 







Knee Pain Diagnosis, Treatment and Home Remedies

Nasal Allergies - Treatments and Relief

Latest News on Nasal Allergy Treatments


Nasal Allergies Relief


Natural remedies for sinus pain


from Nasal Allergies - Search Word Pro 

Ovarian Cancer Risks, Diagnosis, Treatment & Surgery

Angelina Jolie in is the news spreading awareness about the risks of ovarian cancer.

Here is some information that will help you learn more about ovarian cancer at different stages of inquiry. Use this to make better decisions.

Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis


Ovarian Cancer Risks


Ovarian Cancer Surgery


Ovarian Cancer Surgery Recovery


Ovarian Cancer Symptoms


Ovarian Cancer Treatment Alternatives



Torn Rotator Cuff Pain Relief

Not one, but two people I know are dealing with torn rotator cuff injuries. This is for them.

Torn Rotator Cuff Deep Massage


Torn Rotator Cuff Exercises


Torn Rotator Cuff Pain Relief


Torn Rotator Cuff Stretching Exercises


I also created a new Search Word Pro Health book which focuses on Torn Rotator Cuff injuries and treatment in detail. 


Selecting the Right Hearing Aid

Do You Need a Hearing Aid? How to Know!


Selecting the Right Hearing Aid


Dealing with Severe Food Allergies - Food Elimination Diets

Food allergies can be a serious cause of illness. Problem foods are know to cause all sorts of symptoms and illnesses. Food allergies are associated with eczema, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) irritable bowel syndrome, and even mental health issues like depression and ADHD. 

Identifying problem foods is not easy to do. Food allergy tests are not always accurate or helpful. They can also be expensive. 

One of the best ways to identify foods is to go on a carefully designed personal food elimination diet and monitor the the results carefully.  Food elmination diets may not work for everyone, but there is substantial evidence that they can make a difference in a lot of people. 

For example, research shows that when people go on a FODMAP elimination diet, avoiding food containing these sugars can reduce symptoms in about 75% of people who have irritable bowel syndrome.

Going on a food elimination diet is best done under the guidance of a trained professional, like a doctor or certified dietition with specific experience in food elimination diets. 

FODMAP diet effectiveness


FODMAP elimination diet


How to conduct a food elimination diet for food allergies


food elimination diets


latest news food elimination diets treatment


research food elimination diets treatment effectiveness