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Reedsy review

Reedsy came up in conversation on Facebook. Here is an evolving publishing and contract editing platform. There's not a whole lot written about it. You can find a few reviews and videos. I highly recommend you look at these carefully recognizing that some of what you see does not clearly declare the financial interests on the face of the reviews. The reviewers are not FTC compliant and make affiliate and other fees. 

Reedsy review


Who Are the Best Book Printers?

PR client seeks to identify the best quick book printer for her children's books. This search tool helps people identify lots of options. The results allow people to shop and compare prices and get reviews about people's experiences with book printers in the US and abroad.

Best Book Printers in the US


Best Print On Demand Book Printers


Best Print on Demand Printers


Book Printers Reviews


Creative Writing Teacher

Yahoo Discussion Group member is looking for a Creative Writing Teacher to teach a course in the Philadelphia area. I created this search tool to help with the search:

Creative Writing Teacher Philadelphia PA


Creative Writing Teacher West Chester, PA


Finding a Virtual Assistant

Microsoft Publisher vs Adobe InDesign Comparison

Publish-L discussion group member asked which was better MS Publisher or Adobe InDesign.

Comparison MS Publish vs. InDesign


Difference Between Publisher and InDesign


Microsoft Publisher vs Adobe InDesign Pros and Cons



Do eBooks Need an ISBN?

Question came in from a member of the Print on Demand Publishers Group at Yahoo. 

Do eBooks Need an ISBN?



When does a book become a best seller?

How many books do you need to sell to declare best seller status?

It depends. There are a variety of ways that are used to measure book sales and where the books are sold. Here's a search tool that helps you get a handle on this question:

When does a book become a best seller?


How to Throw a Book Release Party

LinkedIn author asked for advice on how to throw a book release party.

This search reveals oodles of contributions filled with great ideas.

how to throw a book release party


SEO Tips, Tactics and Strategies for Authors, Writers & Bloggers

Preparing for a presentation for the Northwest Outdoor Writers Annual Conference. My topic is on how to get the most out of SEO. In particular I am going to focus on SEO Tips, Tactics and Strategies for Authors, Writers & Bloggers.   

SEO Strategies for Authors


SEO tips tactics for Bloggers


SEO tips tactics for authors


SEO tips tactics for writers


seo strategies for bloggers


seo strategies for writers


Here's the Search Word Pro ebook on Outdoor Travel Writer Marketing.


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