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What are the Best PR Metrics?

How do you develop and select the best PR metrics? 

What did you say today? Who did you say it to? What did you earn as a result? 

Selecting metrics that matter means you must measure a management activity and be able to determine the effects on a sales or profits.   

To get the absolute most out of all that you do you need to quantitatively know and use the words people are searching on.  You need to track and modify your active communications to emphasize the words that turn people on so much you get the most sales.

This is what will maximize your financial success. 

Words thus matter.  If you use words that turn people on, sales can increase.  If you don't, sales stay the same or decrease. 

Traffic does not always equate with profit. Freebie seekers may grab an article or turn into evergy vampires.  If the content fails to convert to sales, then the words and methods utilized do not help you. You must go here your people are and learn how to turn them on. 

You have to develop whatever messaging you use carefully and test it till it gets the action you want. You have to study, analyze and improve every step in the funnel – every communications touch point and the overall process.

First, you must be able to measure and track costs, sales and profits every day. Then you can develop and track the effect of articles, interviews and posts in media and online.  There are at least five key measurement points you can use to determine the effectiveness of your communications efforts.

1. The first point is when you transmit a news release or conduct an outreach effort. Do you feel like the costs of performing the publicity outreach are reasonable? Do you feel like the service has been responsive to your needs?

2. The second point is immediately after the outreach is conducted and you can identify the number and quality of the media responses to your outreach. 

3. The third point is when articles are actually published or when your interviews have been conducted.

4. The fourth point is when you determine whether enough of the right people respond to your message.

5. The fifth and final point is sometime later still, when you are finally able to somehow determine the overall benefits of your outreach effort and experience.

It is only now you can truly ask “Was it worth it?” 

To do this you divide you financial metric by the management factor. This could be the dollars invested, time invested, resurces invested, or some other controllable factor. 

If it works, e,g, you make more, then you can manage the investment factor to maximize the efect. 

You can also monitor and compare a range of content and the effect of keywords use the same way. 

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What are the Best PR Metrics?


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