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FounderDating group member asked about getting together with other Founders in his area. 

I created a special search tool to help find other Founders in a given area. This search tool lets you use nine search engines from all in one place (e.g., Google, Bing, SlideShare, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and I added in the MeetUp search engine, too.) 

The different results provided by each search engine give you different perspectives on who the groups are and what sort of experience people have with them. 
It turns out that the MeetUp search engine only makes use of certain simple one word or two word keywords, like business or startups. To get local results using Google and Bing, you need to add your own local geographic key words (e.g., city and state). If your gps enabled switch is on, the results at many of the search engines will be automatically localized for you. 

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