Search Word Pro

How It Works

One Touch Operation

Search Word Pro is a specialized search tool that harnesses the power of search engines. 

No typing is needed.  The key words are preselected.

You just click on an icon or touch an icon if you are using a touch screen -- a search is triggered at the search engine you chose, and the results open up for you. 

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You can search Google, Bing, SlideShare, You Tube, and Pinterest.  The search engine algorithms curate the results.

The results are ranked according to page authority, popularity and other SEO factors.  

The search engines are in constant competion with each other to improve the quality of the results they deliver to you. 

Search Word Pro allows you to benefit from this competition for excellence. 

You can then make use of the special tools available at each search engine to refine your results even more. 

Dedicated to Topics of Interest 

There are several series of Search Word Pro ebooks:

  • Search Word Pro Book Marketing Series ebooks are genre-specific.
  • Search Word Pro Business Marketing ebooks are business- and industry-specific.  
  • Search Word Pro Health Series is disease-, disorder-, or illness- specific.
  • Search Word Pro Travel Series is location- or destination- specific.
  • Search Word Pro Techology Series is topic-, program-, application- or device- specific.

Search Word Pro ebooks and e-handouts can be designed to help search any pressing question, problem, or information need.

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Focus on Key Actions, Documents & Deliverables

Every Search Word Pro ebook is designed to be an interactive elearning educational experience.  The keywords are selected to solve problems and find expert solutions.

Each chapter is organized to help you discover the available collective knowledge regarding important actions, documents, and deliverables.  

Each sequential chapter then rotates the searches through the key social media and Internet marketing technologies.