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  • Search Word Pro Technology Series

    Delivers the best collective knowledge curated by the best search engines. 

    • Inexpensive.  
    • Quick.  
    • Precise.
    • Current.  
    • Easy

    Just click on an icon. Voila!

    Best iPhone GPS Navigation Apps


    iPhone - IPad - Android - Windows - Mac OS X

  • Search Word Pro The Best of Everything Travel Series

    Instant gratification!  The Best of Everything Travel Series covers:

    • Food and Dining
    • Accomodations
    • Everything that’s fun to do A to Z
    • Travel planning
    • Specialty maps

    Designed for tourists, business travelers, vacationers, newcomers, and local residents who want to find out what’s cool in their area.

    Helps build the local economy in a whole new way. 

    Things to do in Maui


    Locations & destinations all over the world. 


  • Search Word Pro -- Book Marketing Series


    Delivers expert guidance on every key marketing action and deliverable an author could dream of.

    • Covers all the critical social media technologies in depth.
    • Special focus on targeting and communicating with target audiences.

    Improve your book marketing and sales success. 

    Book Marketing Facebook Marketing Tips


    Over 20 genre specific ebooks.

  • Search Word Pro -- Business Marketing Series

    Delivers everything a freelancer needs to know to jumpstart a business.

    • Marketing tips, tactics, strategies & advice.
    • Marketing & business plans, videos, infographics & more
    • Covers every important social media  
    • Fast! Always Current.

    Find how to improve your marketing quickly and easily - right now.

    How To Get Twitter Followers That Matter


    Available for any specific business or industry.


  • Enjoy Your Travel and Recreation Even More

    Contains the most comprehensive online course on hiking and backpacking and covers hiking trail information for:

    • 3 National Parks, 8 National Forests and National Monuments
    • 31 Wilderness Areas, 28 Waterfall Trails, 12 Beach Hikes
    • 3 Wild and Scenic River Trails, National Trail System Hiking Trails 
    • over 160 Popular Hiking Trails in Washington by Region 
    • Washington State Parks, Natural Resources sites and County Parks

    Best Smart Phone Weather Apps


    Available for many states and popular destinations. 

  • National Park Series

    Covers everything you could ever want to know:

    • Travel and accomodations
    • Food and dining
    • Activities and recreation A to Z 
    • Camping, hiking, RV'ing, snow-shoeing & more
    • Science: biology, ecology, history, geology, ecology, and education.

    and much more. 

    Things to Do in Mt. Rainier National Park


    Available for National Parks in the US. 


  • Search Word Pro - Health Series

    Delivers the most current medical and health information available online for specific diseases:

    • from symptoms to testing, screening & diagnosis, medication & treatment
    • to treatment alternatives, medications, surgery, latest research & news 
    • to pain management, recovery & local support organizations,

    Health Series books available on any disease or disorder - upon request.

    Latest Type 2 Diabetes Treatment News


    What to Ask the Doctor Type 2 Diabetes


    Get smarter about your health! Make the best, informed decisions.

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