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Getting Endorsements and Testimonials for Your Book from Very Influential People

LinkedIn member asked about how to get really good endorsements from influential people. The best reviewer comments always come from people who have truly remarkable credibility with your target audience.

The value of a single testimonial (be it from a fellow author, business person, or an academic or professional colleague well known blogger, columnist, etc.) is significant.  It helps convert browsers into a buyers.  The trusted evaluation and endorsement bestowed sways someone that is on the fence to move from browsing to buying..  However, you need more than just a few testimonials. 

Depending on your book, you may seek out celebrities or experts in your field of endeavor. Tremendous leverage comes having a dozen really great testimonials.  It’s important that the people you get to endorse your book have a following much greater than yours.

The action plan you develop and implement getting these testimonials can be designed and deployed so that the person who endorses you helps spread the word to their followers. For example 10 authors that have a following of 100,000 people each is a million targeted people with a much higher propensity of buying your book. This way, each testimonial becomes an endorsement that is directed to an audience that has the same circulation as many of the top targeted media you might seek coverage in.

To do this you must think ahead and plan to do much, even all, of the work for them—meaning you have to create a variety of collateral, properly formatted communications for them to use (tweets, announcements about the book, press releases, videos etc etc).  Be disciplined in asking them when to spread the word about your book and always, always offer to do the same for them.

Here's a search tool that uses a ten word search query to get you access to strategy articles and tactics that can be used to get the best endorsements and testimonials for your book from very influential people. The results from this search come from numerous impressive sources. There is a lot of varied and extensive experience to be found here. 


Getting Endorsements and Testimonials for your Book from Influential People



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